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Foster Application: Cats

Melbourne Animal Rescue has a constant need for foster carers.

To house cats and kittens (including mother cats with their kittens) until we find their "forever' home

Foster caring is a rewarding experience for both you and the animal(s) placed in your care. As a small foster network, we rely on carers in order for us to be able to save animals from death row pounds.

The more foster carers we have, the more lives we can save.

We place animals with you that suit your experience and lifestyle, to minimise the impact on your life. Volunteer foster carers are a vital and key step in the animals we rescue finding a loving ‘forever’ home.
Foster carers are not required to pay for any veterinary costs (incl worming/flea treatment).
If you are interested in finding out more or applying to become a foster carer for Melbourne Animal Rescue, please complete the below form.

All questions require an answer except those in ITALICS.

Applicant Details

All applicants MUST be eighteen years of age or over. If you are not, please have a parent or guardian complete the form.

It is sometimes necessary for animals who have fallen ill to be taken to a vet ASAP (this includes out of normal business hours). Although it is not absolutely necessary to have your own transport to foster an animal, it is important for us to know your transport circumstances if such an occasion arises.

Are you able to transport your foster pet to and from the shelter or veterinary clinic for assessments and veterinary checks?

We have a duty of care to our animals wherever they are situated, this includes foster homes

Would you be willing to allow a pre-screened potential adopters visit the foster pet at your home if a prior appointment is made with you?

Would you be willing to allow a rescue group representative to visit your home at a mutually agreed upon time?

Fostering Details

Special needs cats include those recovering from illness or injury, requiring special socialisation or behavioural help, eg scaredy cats or pregnant cats.

If you wish to foster our kittens or puppies it will be a requirement for you to present to us veterinary certificates relating to the vaccination of other animals in the household. Up-to-date vaccination protects both our animals and your own.

At times we need carers who can foster a mother cat and her babies. In these circumstances it is preferable that the mother and her kittens are provided with their own room (as opposed to simply a secured area that might be suitable for kittens alone). This is because mother cats are normally very protective and anxious about the safety of their babies.

Costs relating to Foster Care

Melbourne Animal Rescue does not supply any bedding or supplies that is needed for fostering (this includes but is not limited to bedding, brushes, bowls, leads/collars, litter trays, etc). We also do not supply basic consumables such as kitty litter or food. If an animal requires a special diet or premium food as per veterinary advice, this will be treated on a case by case basis.

Any assistance carers can provide with respect to nutritional or veterinary care for foster animals is always greatly appreciated but not necessary or expected;

Comments or Additional Information


By submitting this questionnaire, you confirm that you are over 18 years of age and that ALL information you have provided is correct. You understand that providing untruthful answers or failure to comply with the requirements of this application can result in the refusal of this application.

You understand that in some instances a property check will be required.

We reserve the right to refuse any applicant.