Surrender Form

Please provide as much honest and accurate information as possible. This is used to aid us in determining if we are presently able to take in your animal(s). We would appreciate full disclosure – we are willing to take on animals with medical or behavioural issues, however we need to be aware of them to determine if we have an appropriate foster home available.

You will be required to sign a surrender contract at the time of surrender.

If there is more than one animal a separate form is to be completed for each.

If microchipped, please endeavour to establish the microchip number and the form for change of ownership as this will ensure a smoother transition/surrender, if and when it occurs.

If your animal has been vaccinated and are current, please assist by bringing vaccination certificate with you at time of surrender.

Once you have submitted the form you will be contacted but please be patient. After appraisal of the details and before a decision can be made to accept your pet, we need to ensure a suitable foster carer is available which can occasionally take some time and juggling.